Main Pairing: VHope. Source: HERE ( I couldn’t find the original tweet about it): )
  • LINK:
  • TITLE: Wanderer’s Teahouse
  • AUTHOR: skeleton_soups (AO3)
  • ACTORS: Kim Taehyung/ Jung Hoseok, Jeon Jungkook/ Park Jiminie, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin.
  • TYPE: Completed.
  • TAG: Teahouse AU, working boys, angst, self recovery, proper counselling aka wrap your crying love one in burrito and pamper them with kisses, fluff if you squit, unique organization technique.
    • Spring Days by BTS
    • WINE by Suran ft Changmo (produced by SUGA WOW)
    • Galaxy by Bolbbalgan4
    • Coffee by BTS
    • Coffee by Yang Yoseob (Highlight/ Ex-Beast)

Taehyung, a habitual coffee drinker, owns a teashop.

Kim Taehyung, the Wanderer Tea House Owner, both the cat and the tea house once owned by Tae’s beloved grandmother. Have very unique sentiments in thinking and a natural social butterfly. Source HERE.


Jung Hoseok. accidentally stumbled into the shop. He was enchanted then and totally caught in its magic. Source: HERE (the original post has been deleted, you can redirect HERE.)


The cheeky hallway Jimin dancer that always came inside for a glass of water while Jungkook fake whining while handing him a glass every single time. Source: HERE.

I will leave Namjoon and Seokjin for yall to take wild guesses on their appearance ahahah.



In short, its beautiful and cozy.

Oh it has been a long time that I have read this fiction. I might forgot some good points. Nevertheless its a very interesting story still, contain a bit of psychological things but all in all its excellently wrote.

  1. Talk about not growing up with normal nuclear family.
  2. The advantage of having a cat as pet and their death impact due to different aging timeline.
  3. Tea versus coffee.
  4. Subtle flirting ahahah. (indulge me I wanna talk about this)
  5. Relying on circumstances to be honest with yourself
  6. Unique habits of oneself
  7. How to handle grief
  8. Social manners
  9. How much giving would be properly deemed as not being taken advantage of?
  10. Being selfish in a relationship

I will continue after I finished my one hour korean ahaha.  Do join us if you want, HERE.