• LINK 1: it is for short descriptions on the story, the actors list, summary, appropriate song or picture to accompany reading, etc.
  • LINK 2: this link will straight away put you on the page where the story published.


  • Author (Site)- Title of the Story. [LINK1][LINK2].
  • Dalankar (AO3) – House Without Walls. |POST|AO3|
  • Dalankar (AO3) – All Roads. |POST|AO3|
  • Dalankar (AO3) – Likes Mountains |POST|AO3|
  • skeleton_soups (AO3) – Wanderer’s Teahouse |POST|AO3|

This is where I dump all good readings (read fan fictions) I found on internet. Well they are brilliantly written and it’s make my heart ache to not able to find them on my moody day (read sad and sappy and I need a good distraction). I promised myself to make this list as for general audience as possible. If I am not, please smack me down and then tell me which one the 18-rated, so that I can cleanse myself by swimming in holy water. Thank you in advance.

On foot note, but this is important you must read them. Those boys aren’t making this easier for me to not have a distorted mind over reading fan fictions. Can you all boys act innocent like a little fluffy white bunnies instead of looking like a tiger ready to grab someone neck and devour them after? Oh my god what a horror scenes it is.

I highly recommend Archive of Our Own (AO3) sites cause all kind of gems can be found there. Plus you can keep track of favorite series or subscribe to these marvelous author, you will be inform thru email. From personal experiences, I have made a different email account just for the sake having series of SNS solely for me fangirling everywhere without mixing it to other thing. Haha. You will see a pastern of my favorite author if you squeeze a bit on above list (nervous laugh). Also from AO3 dashboard you can also dig around the WORK, SERIES, GIFTS and also BOOKMARKS. I mostly stumble upon other great authors thru bookmarks.

Lastly, gosh its getting too lengthy, sorry I am a natural chatter be it by mouth, hands or mind. Lastly yeah this is the end, happy reading from a nerd ARMY.