by PopCrush Staff January 3, 2017 11:16 AM

Choi Soo-Young, Getty Images
Choi Soo-Young, Getty Images

BTS made a record-breaking debut on the Billboard 200 and utterly dominated our Fan Choice Awards in 2016 with their latest studio album, Wings — further evidence of their global impact.

As a group, the 7-piece troupe continues to dominate the Korean pop music scene. But how would they perform solo?

Granted, it’s happened already for some of the boys: Suga’s released solo work of his own as Agust D, as has Rap Monster. (Hey, even Wale is a fan of his work!) And while we’d never wish for the group to separate, we can’t help but wonder: which Bangtan Boy ultimately will go on to become the most successful member overall?

Place your vote below. We’ll reveal the results right here on February 1.

Err, I cannot even imagine member doing their own stuff, but like it said there. Agust D and Rap Monster have succesfully released a mixtape each. Taehyung debuting as actor all by himself in Hwarang drama while other have yet to find their own pathway. I hope they will still be together all their life. We, ARMY cares about all seven of you and would sincerely support all seven of you as a family, rather than competitor. Ahaha. Saying this make me felt proud like a mother ducklings.

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