This is a story that involves all 7 of them and a few other artists from another boy group. [Credit: Big Hit Entertainment]
  • LINK: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7960735/chapters/18206785
  • TITLE: On Patrol.
  • AUTHOR: Ragi (AO3)
  • ACTORS: Jeon Jungkook/ Park Jimin (BTS), Jung Hoseok/ Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin/ Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung.
  • TYPE: Series, Ongoing, (10/?)
  • TAG: Police AU people!, Innocent puppy in love Officer Jeon, usual grumpy Officer Min, boss Kim, always beautiful teacher Kim, and last but not least true plot twist by Jung bad-luck-going-to-kill-me-sooner-than-I-can-get-my-true-love-KISS Hoseok. Seriously, everything is super fluffy, super innocent, super committed and responsible, super duper hilarious. There you go!
    • N.O. by BTS.
    • Good Day by IU.
    • Puppy Love by FT Island.
    • I Know (acoustic ver.) by Jungkook and Rap Monster.
    • I Love You by Jin (cover) – For Teacher Kim character theme.

Officer Jeon Jungkook wakes up 6am sharp every morning, does a quick jog and heads to the station. He catches bad guys with his grumpy partner officer Min Yoongi. He listens as captain Kim Namjoon tells him to finish his report for the millionth time. When the clock hits 6pm, he’s out of his uniform to head straight to the little convenience store to see the adorable cashier he doesn’t even know the name of.

But wait, oh, someone decided to be a dumbass and try to rob the store with a knife pointed at the said cashier. Someone trying to break the law AND hurt his ball of fluff? Not on his watch.

Officer Jeon Jungkook, young blood and brave but innocent in love, adore more than he should to his Mr. Adorable. [Credit: MADE IN 1997]
Vlive BTS Run ep 7 Jiminie tripping during game
Mr. Adorable that too innocent and fragile for this world. Please protect him, Jeon. [Credit: Vlive BTS Run ep 7]
BTS OFFICIAL FACEBOOK - 24th BTS' Sweetie SUGA day 2016 - 1
Grumpy but response well when duty calls. Nothing beat his heart of steel and love toward his comrades. [Credit: BTS Official Facebook – 24th BTS’ Sweetie SUGA day 2016]
Jung Hoseok in orange tee - Sportchosun.com Official Picture - 1
Here we have Jung bad-luck-going-to-kill-me-sooner-than-I-can-get-my-true-love-KISS Hoseok, no other caption needed. [Credit: sportchosun.com]
Station’s Leader Officer Kim Namjoon. Stern and often looks uninterested in petty things but they say that the people who say, “I don’t care”, actually care a lot. [Credit: BTS Official Facebook -Beautiful Rap Monster 22nd Birthday]
The baby Taehyung. Always eager to learn and mix with people rather in a very mature way, he loves his father and understood him more than his father credit him for. [Credit: ISAC 2016/ BTS Official Facebook]
Lastly of course it's the most beautiful person in the whole wide world, Teacher Kim Seokjin. [Credit: JINsim fansite]
Lastly, of course, it’s the most beautiful person in the whole wide world, Teacher Kim Seokjin. [Credit: JINsim fansite]


[*p/s: may contain spoiler]

Ragi was really sweet and she almost always replies to every comment on her page. That is genuinely amazing. Like seriously amazing. Haha. I kinda had short attention span and almost, always have 3 seconds memory thus the name Goldfish, so I tend to re-read everything from chapter one.

However, let me assure you a human that Ragi’s works are hilariously entertaining and somehow very relate-able with our life. Like how the peace protest turn violent and Officer Min was badly injured on his head he even left unconscious! Like what the fish was happening and what will happen to Officer Min are you kidding me?! This is nerve wrecking. Ha…. Ragi is the best at playing with readers emotions. ㅠ_ㅠ

The fluffiness, I am telling you like honestly, Officer Jeon and Mr. Adorable are too adorable and cute for this whole world, it’s basically a blessing to all mankind. Thank you, god for these two. They are really, like really really really cute, oh god. Did I mention they are cute? Yes, they are.

Sit here with me for 3 hours I will explain every single detail about them two being super adorable in this fic. In this fic alone, I repeat.

Also, I love the angst that portrayed by Officer Kim when he constantly on verge of blaming himself for not being there for his son, Taehyung on the most day because of he is the station’s leader and a police officer on top of that. Taehyung being exceptionally brilliant for his age, duh genes from the father, almost always make his preschool teacher looks at him abnormal. Yeah, labeling him as a troublemaker. Ha.. until Mr. Kim came and well, wow~ he was very passion in his work as an educator, he did few extra tests for Taehyung, which reveals that Taehyung is not a troublemaker but rather have a high IQ, he was too intelligent for his age. Well, that help eases Officer Kim enough and he really helps Officer Kim in every way possible. I meant he babysits Taehyung, make dinners and listen well.

There are few interesting points I really love about this fic:

1. Mental and emotions well-being in occupations.

There is one part of the unsuccessful drug dealings raid done by Officer Kim department. Namjoon went to pick up Taehyung at Seokjin house. Seokjin was being a very good listener to this stern and overprotective police officer that was rambling about he has to be a perfect dad for Taehyung, well to make up that part left by his mother. He was whining, but in a very professional attitude conclusion that he says is expected from police officers which, ” don’t dwell on emotions, your job is to keep people safe and nothing more beyond that”. Seokjin felt that ridiculous that people need to abandon human’s feeling when they took that kind of responsibility. Let me quote that part,

“Oh come on, you’d do it too. But all that aside, are you OK?”

“This?” Namjoon asks, holding his right hand up. “Should be fine in a couple of-”

“No. Not your hand. I’m asking, are you fine. You just came back from knife fights and…gang members and guns and drugs.”

“Oh…Yeah, I mean, I’m an officer,” Namjoon responds, hoping it’s adequate.

“Doesn’t mean you have to be OK with everything.”

Namjoon blinks owlishly and looks down to stare at his food instead. There a funny sensation in his tummy. He knows how childish the particular phrase sounds, but he can’t find any other way to describe what he’s feeling. He doesn’t remember ever being asked that question, even when he was married. He had sort of assumed that he was supposed to suck it up and be a man in the face of danger. That’s what officers and soldiers are trained to do, right?

“Well, I think it’s my job to be though,” Namjoon replies, the uncertainty in his voice not missed by the teacher.

“Your job is to fight crime. Not to stop feeling things.”

“Well, I haven’t quit my job yet, so I guess I’m doin’ alright.”

Seokjin watches the other man for a brief moment before breaking into a soft smile.

Somebody, please hold me. I’m dying here because this is so goal life. Find a partner that smile softly to you when you are being ridiculous and when you are not even yourself. Find somebody that will pull you back to reality when you turned something inhuman.

It’s the truth, though, once you take that kind of responsibility, you are expected to be the last person to leave the building. You have to come into the scene when everybody running away from it. Firefighter runs into fire, police chasing criminals, the army runs into bullets rain and missiles shower or doctors expected to never be sick and can cure death.

Never take these people for granted. They are human, just like you and me. They have somebody waits at home. They deserve some love and still be treated as human.

2. Single parent struggles.

So like what I was talking about earlier, Namjoon is a single parent in this. A father, a police officer and also a chief of the department. It’s tough. It’s tough enough to be a student, it’s more tougher to be a responsible adult to yourself and hell may break loose when we need to hold responsibilities to a group of people.
Example: a city comfort and security.

For me, social support is the most important thing. Most may not have the luxury to give anything, screw that, just give your time and listen to them. They struggle every day but they still stay planted on their feet, moving forward. Believe me, it’s not easy to raise a chibi human. You constantly worry about just everything.

Are they growing all right?
Are they well loved at home and school?
Are they healthy?
Can they eat this?
Did I make myself clear that I love them?
Did they have thought about their future yet?
Are they socializing healthily with friends?
Oh, my god, he sounds like wheezing do my son have asthma?
Is that peanut, you nearly kill my child FYI!

OK OK, all that drama. I have only babysat my niece for her first year of life and I was constantly worried about her. About her present being and future being, in every possible aspect of life, just name it. Everything under the sky seems dangerous for her, but you know immunities come from exposure. Well, that basically the whole points for everything including emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Not that I’m saying you can break her heart or something, it’s just that overprotecting may do more harm than good things.

Seokjin was being very motherly in this. He listens attentively to Taehyung’s stories and also his father’s story. He listens and then gives constructive points and comfort. Heavens, aren’t you on cloud nine and fuzzy inside if there are someone out there they smiled warmly when they see you, hear you voice, look at your face?

Tell me you wanted it too.

3. The role of teachers as someone who spent half of the day with our children.

I don’t know how many times have I already emphasize this point. In every way possible, in real life and the virtual one. Teachers have massive roles in molding a person attitudes and in future prospect, the children’s future.

Children spent more time at school than with family. 5 from 7 weekdays are school days. 12 out of 24 hours minus 6 hours sleep, 2 hours on the road traveling back school and home. That is literally 3/4 of their day. Teachers are really important. It’s sad to know that unfortunately, some takes teachers positions just because that the only thing left, and kids don’t judge you because they don’t know what they do not know. Passion and extra works seem foreign.

Honestly, in my own life, I learn most from books. More than 2/3 of what’s in my brain are from things I learn by myself. The other third are from mom and dad, especially dad. He is someone who goes around saying no question is a stupid question.

It’s true, once in a while, you see a decent teacher, who works until late at night, in between toilet runs and chewing meals. Those kind of teacher are so rare, they have been mistaken as whale 52. Nobody wanted to reply to their opinion but student knows, yes, we know and we appreciate every moment that you spent with us.

Shout out to everyone, you are somehow a teacher to anyone, be passion about it, be responsible, take them whole and love them more. You are a molder of the future, don’t you want the future to be brighter?

Mind you, not everything is to learn in class, it can be anywhere, with anyone or anythings. It’s everything around.

4. Innocent love.

Simple gestures of love. Holds hand, warm smiles, cuddles, stroking hair, and eyebrows, eating ice cream together, gazing at the night sky or just simple 5 seconds look into my eyes every day.

The word love was so overused that it’s often associated with sexual acts, criminal records, and many more unfortunate event.

Don’t just don’t love with just superficial efforts, do your best to it, give you’re all. They don’t want to reciprocate? It’s their choice, it’s your decision to give, there are the one decide to push away happiness. Their loss, not yours.

Don’t be afraid to be innocent, don’t be afraid to try. Go and find the right person, they are somewhere in the crowd, waiting for you to find them too.

2k words huh, I should write a story or something. This is getting too out of hands.


I love Ragi’s work. Like everything from her raging universal and Ragi is a very talented author. I suggest you subscribe to her. Totally worth it.

I just have these need to cuddle hugs Ragi and say I love you Ragi. ❤

161203 2.31AM

I was on twitter while typing this and see a fan cafe post about Namjoon and a taxi driver which Namjoon was genuinely felt warm and grateful for those 30 minutes encounter. He was telling how a 57 years old driver still lives with young heart and listens to BTS on Melon. He says that the latest one he listen was Dope and saying its a good song with lots of messages. Like how can you not be crying a river of happiness when what you do with passion, people listen very attentively and support what  you do? I don’t know bout you, but that recognition by a half decade gentleman will give me reasons to be damn happy for the next 30 years at least.

Something that I will always remember when I am down and depressed and everything seems to be alien. Trust me, it will come. That time I will always remember this kind of stories. Even when it’s someone else’ stories. We live too short to experience everything by yourself.

Truth to be told, being a medical line doesn’t all happiness and great money. Most probably I will die with extreme multi-resistant tuberculosis, or some simple Ebola, and that are seriously scary. So horrifying that you end up being in constant worry, obsessed thinking, and a regular nightmare if you are luxury enough to have some decent sleep of course.

I am so damn sad that Bangtan and ARMY need to stoop so low in front of society/ music industries for recognitions of their tracks. Like for the love of god, can’t somebody professional enough to give some judges professionally on songs overall, lyric, messages, dance, wardrobes pieces, music video storyline/ esthetic effect of them, the songs impacts and so what other else, singer abilities and so on.

What the hell is voting through fakes accounts? How in heaven that we suppose to be happy or even make Bangtan happy if they knew we work too hard on things that are not even relevant in the aspect of youth? Yes, it’s an award, god damn make it prestigious and clean, make professional works, not us. If it is leave for us to vote, once is enough you dirty terrestrials.

I feel nausea just thinking bout how money makes the world goes around. Use the money to make events, to travels, to put music online, to hire various staff and whatnot. It’s money that rules us all. God damn money….

I’m sorry I was rambling bout this but I am genuinely sad. For Bangtan, ARMYs and all other artist and fandom, everyone. How sad are we living right now?