I just forgot to go and see live streaming of it. How fortunate of me I am still on my laptop doing Eat Jin Post translation that I accidentally clicked on YouTube to search something. Then  I saw there was a MBC live streaming. Thank god I actually got there on time because they usually save top 3 to perform only by the end of the performance usually. It’s to ensure people watch the show until the end. Not sure who won, they just end with Shinee. I think Music Bank is where they do lives show but no competition there.

This is my personal opinion. IDK bout the show that much, but I notice that some singer couldn’t sing properly. I meant the voice stabilization and breathing technique (I only able to listen to the program not thoroughly watch the whole show). I don’t know whether its the microphone quality, or the microphone recording on video or the singer themselves. As I proceed, BTS sounded exactly the same like on other music show, its just the quality of sound was a bit lower than most music show. Although there is a music shows that you can listen the voice of  the singer and fan chant very clearly because the MR was too toned down. Its almost saddening to see that because MR was there to give impact when singer sing, but thank god they improved so much on live singing, that wouldn’t give them any problems. Haha.

I will only comment bout Bangtan, because yeah I don’t want to involve in any fan wars. Any honest objective opinion usually doesn’t reach people, they just wants to hear what they want. I can diss Bangtan too because yeah, they are still people, they makes mistakes and from mistakes and building commentary people can change, they will change for improvements. That what we want right, for them to climb higher and higher to a level that nobody will ever can reach.

  • I got there when JHope and Kookie was MC-ing with Saeron and another girl, I’m sorry I’m stupid, I don’t remember names. Saeron was because Jungkookie was calling her that and its not a typical Korean names too. I was grinning proudly over the fact that baby bunny can talk eye to eye with Saeron, kyaaaa. Haha.
  • I was too busy looking at JHope to realized anything that going on. Haha. I can’t even remember what shirt they were wearing. Haha.
  • Look at the stage. Its beautiful. Initial part of the video quite dim, low lighting. Like somebody please shine some light here. LOL. But the stage was so beautiful, I am forgiving you staff bout the lighting because I am happy with your stage arrangement.
  • Okay BST gonna go next. Wow their outfit. Wow JHope looks extremely suitable with that outfit, his attires look appropriate at least. Look at his body, I am jealous to the core. He have a very nice body shape. Sob sob.


  • Namjoon outfits seem appropriately done. It suit him. I want to properly say my gratefulness to the stylist for the hair, it suit him very much.


  • I don’t even know what the logic of having a low neck v and a silk choker. It exposed but in the same time covering? You know that its a fact that you felt more naked if you still in your sock in total naked than totally naked all over? OK scratch that. I just don’t have excitement over exposed skin area due to work hazard. So Jimin, I am so sorry, but you are still dangerously sexy mochi.

[HOT]  BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피 땀 눈물 Show Music core 20161022 (163).jpg

  • Suga outfit with that rectangle line over his stomach and black suit. That make him looks like a bratty but genius pianist, which suited him more than ever. I like it haha.

[HOT]  BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피 땀 눈물 Show Music core 20161022 (33).jpg

  • Jungkook outfit rather common. Okay savage goldfish, relax.


  • Tae was little different and unique, it have two collars actually. The inside one is black and the outer part is white, overall its white in color. Its just have black handcuff area both hands. Which he used very creatively through out the stage. Haha. Look at how dramatic he is.


  • We are now almost 1/3 of the whole song. Like I said before, they have improved so much, they already can stabilize their voice properly even with all those choreography. The choreography was not as intense as FIRE or DOPE. But the high end jumping can actually take your breath okay. Believe me, I’ve tried dancing to it, but still can’t follow the normal speed yet.
  • I have to emphasize this. Hoseok and Jungkook still stable on their voice while jumping over the lines for mahni mahni. I’m am so proud of my babies.
  • Suga getting his hot glare shots correctly. Way to go cameraman-nim because you are doing justice today to Yoongichi stan.


  • Oh new angle for Hoseok solo rap. Wow this is interesting.


  • Oh oh oh really cameraman-nim. A new fresh angle for Suga when he start rapping? I officially fell in love with your works cameraman-nim.

[HOT]  BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피 땀 눈물 Show Music core 20161022 (143).jpg



  • Tae actually deliver his line rather uniquely these day. Who would have thought that breathing can sound so melodically? I just, I am genuinely speechless by his singing technique this comeback. His whispering-like-singing game me image of me walking in a very large and long tunnel with strong winds. Its like the sound of an instrument, IDK the name, I think its large diameter bamboo flute? I’m sorry I don’t know any musical instrument to be very honest here. Let me find them and link.
  • Did he just upgraded his close up gesture? Okay ARMY, show me hands, who died at that part? OMG Tae, are you trying to kill everyone present? I had to learn to do gif to show this part. LOL. Which render about 10 minit for 20 secods GIF. What is this. Update: you know what, I gave up in making the gif. Its too difficult. Hu hu. Arghhh.
  • The members that have difficulties to stabilize their voice, also improved so much I wanna cry. Seokjin one line is perfectly delivered. There there my eldest little brother, you have done a very good job. I wanna cry for real. I listened to it again very tentatively and I am really really really proud of him.
  • For cute Jiminie, I don’t know how to comment on him. He have this very high pitch range of voice and able to reach them without breaking. The breathing technique when he sing-but-moaning, that, umm, I don’t have comments on that. I really like that singing technique and he might be one of the rare technique user. (this sounds like a Naruto nerds)
  • Taehyung has actually opened up his vocal cord so much, he was able to reach certain notes that he doesn’t show/ cannot reach before. Guess Bighit doesn’t really trust Tae before for a ballad kind of song, but they are now.
  • HOLY MOLY, is that red on Hoseok head? I am seeing red, and its suit him dem well. I wanna cry again. This stage gonna be the end of me. Not gonna complaint bout that. I’m happy I can jump to the moon and jump back to Earth. Earthling are you witnessing this proud woman extraordinary gestures? No? Okay never mind then. Haha. Oh no its actually dark orange. Haha. IDK bout other, but I really love Hoseok in mushroom hair, he looks too cute for this world.


  • Seokjin hands are actually shorter than Namjoon? Oh.


  • Okay just re-watching on a better quality video and can I just kiss the cameraman-nim because he took the stage performance very beautifully I wanna really cry a bucket here.
  • But throughout the whole song, there are some part that they didn’t gives off suitable facial expression. Not like very badly done, more like its doesn’t display perfectly to the song theme. Umm, like not sexy enough? Mind elsewhere not grabbing the emotions much? I can Tae when close up, Jiminie looks dazed too. I can’t remember bout other much.


  • but other than certain close up failed expression, they still manage to kill people too on other.

[HOT]  BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears, 방탄소년단 - 피 땀 눈물 Show Music core 20161022 (99).jpg


  • Do I need to emphasize Seokjin beauty? Yes please. Haha.
I like how this picture almost represent the head mafia Seokjin Boss making an entrance. Haha. Moves peasants!


Remember when people saying he was the least popular member during Dark & Wild era because he does not have the bad boys vibe? Well I think he have done that vibe well, but in Wings era. Its suppose to be sexy concept Jin. Haha.
  • Okay that about all I think. I am gonna comeback with screenshots obviously and mind you with Bangtan, you cannot not watch a recording once. It must be at least 9 times, 1 for the whole song concept, 1 for center person, and then 7 for every member. That is the least, but who I am lying, I watched every video until I can basically dance to the choreography.
  • I just realized that the fan chant start with Namjoon and after that follows according to age. This fan chant was made the company right? It actually felt warm that they put the leader first in fan chant. Hehe.
  • just wanna put this cause it the best still shot I got. Haha. Yeah yeah I know I suck in this.


p/s: I am hungry and its almost dinner time. Bad decision to trying to peel apple while trying to watch BST on today MuBank. So I try only listen, also bad decision. It was too intense that I peeled to much skin, that apple become too thin now. Sob sob

p/s 2: I was searching how to make gif and why my windows photo viewer doesn’t play gif. So I googled some gif for testing and found Yoongi. I think I am having heart attacks.