ENGLISH TRANS BY: Denise @ bts-trans

님들 방탄이 먹는 오므라이스가 뭐게여 정답은 방탄므라이스 …

[JIN] Everyone the answer to what type of omu rice does Bangtan eat, the correct answer is Bangtan-mu Rice….


재료는 무지 간단함
당근 양파 계란 선물받은 햄

The ingredients are so simple its for dummies
Carrot Onion Egg Ham we got as a present


재료를 다져야함
여기엔 귀찮으니 정국이와 지민이의 도움이 필요함
근데 뭔가 내가 다졌는데 기억이 안나네

All the ingredients are diced
This part is rather annoying so I got Jiminie and Jungkookie to help
But what did I dice up I can’t remember


제 옆으로 와주셔서 감사합니다
근데 사실 난 햄 별로 안 좋아함
그래서 어렸을 때부터 햄은 형이 다 먹어줌
덕분에 내 키가 형보다 6cm작음

Ham-nim ah
Thank you very much for coming forth to me
But the truth is, I don’t actually like ham
So since young I’ve always gave all the ham to my older brother
Thanks to you my height is 6cm shorter than my brother


다정님 말투로 다짓다짓

In a tender voice – caution caution








또 넣고

Adding again


밥도 넣어야 하는데 밥이 안되뮤ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I’ve to add the rice too I can’t do without riceㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


남은 2분 동안 소스를 만들어주겠다

In the last 2 mins let’s make the sauce


돈가스소스 일단 뿌리고

First we squeeze the don kasu sauce


케찹도 그냥 적당히 뿌리면

Just squeeze an appropriate amount of ketchup too


밥이 완성됨 밥도 빨리 볶아줘야됨

And quickly mixing in the ready rice


맞다 계란도 만들어야 됨

Oh right we’ve to make the omelette too



터무니없이 작음 망함


Ridiculously small thing


망한대로 어떻게 만들었는지 기억도 안나는 소스 부어줘야 됨

I don’t remember how I went ahead anyway with the small thing but I added the sauce


뚜겅 덮고 몇 분 기다려 준 뒤에 식탁에서 먹으면 됨

Close the lid and wait for a few minutes then it’ll be ready to eat at the table


괜찮아 이렇게 생겼어도 맛은 있을거야

Don’t worry even though it looks like this it’ll taste good



Since it is delicious



요리: 진
사진: 진
사진등장: 지민, 정국
시식: 방탄, 매니저형

Cooking: Jin
Pictures: Jin
Picture Cameos: Jimin, Jungkook
Tasters: Bangtan, Manager hyung

8.33 AM

Seokjin alluring us with food. Its look tasty and it is very simple dish to do. Seriously it is simple, even for me who doesn’t like to cook anything. Well, everything does taste good with egg with me, and chili sauce. HAHA. I am just a simple human with simple tongue. I basically shove everything edible without much complaints. HAHA.

Jin took great pictures too. He knows that taking all the shiny shiny sauce in short distance does look good on pictures. I am just plain glad that this man doesn’t use those Instagram filter though, or whatever filter that he likes to use. I hate those kind of filter.

Again, no pictures of him. Just hand and even hands cameo. HAHA.

I just love this man, he makes every single food into a persona and kindly killing them softly. Its as if you tenderly raise a chicken for food and name them Chicken Soup or something. AHAHA. Owh there is a manga with that kind of acts. Let me link that. The title is SILVER SPOON (Gin No Saji). Its good because its about food. HAHA.