ENGLISH TRANS BY: Celestine @ bts-trans

님들 점심인데 점심드셨나요 안드셨다면 방탄제육 보시고 제육덮밥 드시러가세요

[JIN] Everyone it’s lunch time did you eat lunch yet. If you didn’t look at BangtanPork and go to eat rice topped with pork



자 일단 재료를 준비해줍니다
뭐 언제나 재료는 내 맘대로 삼

First you must prepare the ingredients
Well the ingredients I always bought it my own way


양념장을 만들고 기다림
비율은 고추장 적당히 고춧가루 적당히 설탕은 한 스푼 파 조금 다진마늘 2 티스푼
이게 다 적당히인 이유가 있음
음식 10인분을 처음해봄 후후

Waiting after making the marinade
The ratio is red pepper paste- moderately, red pepper powder- moderately, sugar- spoon out about one
spoonful, crushed garlic- about 2 teaspoons
There’s a reason for all this appropriate measuring
First time making food for 10 hoo hoo*

*(T/N: Sound effect usually used for when working hard/panting)


야 빨리 찍어줘

Hey hurry up and take a picture


고기 써는 척

acting like I’m cutting meat


다 자른 뒤에 잘라 둔 야채들이랑 대충 만든 양념장이랑 버무림
10인분이다보니 버무릴 통이 없어서 제일 큰 냄비에서 버무림

Mix the meat that’s all cut and the vegetables that were put aside and the seasoning that was made moderately
I didn’t have a bowl big enough to mix the ingredients for 10 people so i just got the biggest pot and mixed it in that instead


형 여기봐요

Hyung look at this


그대 못생겼어요 다시 찍어요

I looked ugly in that one take it again


어쨋든 다 버무려서 볼에 옮겨줌

Anyway after mixing it all move it to a bowl


랩에 씌워서 냉장고에 숙성시켜 주면됨
얜 내일 아침임

Cover it in wrap and put it in the fridge to age
Next morning


자는 샷 따윈 없음
날이 밝았습니다. 고기를 구워주세요.

There’s no sleeping shot *
It’s now morning. Please cook the meat.

*(T/N: since you had to leave it overnight, Jin made a joke on how he didn’t take a “sleeping shot” of the food)


뒤에서 양치하던 정국이가 졸면서 찍어줌

Jungkook who was brushing his teeth drowsily took this photo


진짜 10분인니까 안 익음
그래서 한 15분 익힌듯
아 맞다 제육의 완성은 치즈지
태형아 가서 피자 치즈좀 사와
네 형




농담아니라 15분 있다가 옴 바로 밑에 편의점 있는데 만들어 오는 줄

Since it’s been 10 minutes it’s not cooked
So cook for about 15 minutes
Ah that’s right to complete this pork we need cheese
Taehyung-ah go and buy some cheese that’s used for pizza
Okay hyung




It wasn’t a joke 15 minutes later (Taehyung) came from the convenience store that was right below us


어쨌든 여차저차해서 완성
고기가 좀 과하게 익었네

Anyway after doing all of this and that it’s completed
The meat’s a bit overcooked


사진찍어야되니까 기다리는 샷 좀 찍자
쓰다보니 얘가 누구였는지 까먹었네..얘가 누구지
아 홉이!

Since we need to take some photos let’s take some shots of (people) waiting to eat
As I was writing this I forgot who this was..Who is this
Ah Hobie!


뭐 어쨌든 여차저차해서 잘 먹었다는 얘기

Well anyways after doing this and that we all ate well
The end

요리: 진
사진: 정국
시식: 방탄, 매니저형

Cooking: Jin
Pictures: Jungkook
Tasters: Bangtan, Manager-hyung

p.s 밥하면서 사진찍는분들 어떻게 하나요..진짜 어렵네 존경함ㅜㅜ

p.s As I was cooking (I was wondering), how people take photos (well).. It’s really hard; respect ㅜㅜ

10.02 AM

He was making food for 10 people? OMG. I would chicken out if somebody asked me to do that. Eh no, if I remembering correctly, there was one time I cooked for 50 people. Four type of dishes on top of that. Wow, I can’t even believe myself. HAHA.

He is so good looking I wanna cry. I’m tired of wanting to cry when I see someone goo looks. Haaaa.

Acting like he was cutting the meat? Then who actually cut those meat Jin. HAHA.

WTH Jin. What are you trying to implied that when you said you look ugly? That rude Jin, rude to your face. HAHA.

I am doing this post with Suga’s First Love playing in the backgoud. I felt like crying even when I am seeing beautiful pictures of food now. Are you trying to murder me with sadness Yoongi? Sobs sobs.

Poor Jungkookie. What are you trying to do to that baby bunny Jin? Let him brush his teeth peacefully.

Jin really loves cheese huh. He put cheese in everything basically.

Oh Hobi doesn’t just have beautiful face complexion but also beautiful hands. I hate but I think I should buy a magnifying glass for these kind of things. Oh wait, there is a magnifying app in my laptop. Even the chopstick looks beautiful. What is this sorcery?!

True on the p/s Jin, not many people can take stunning pictures. I just don’t have that kind of talent even after I have practices much.