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2014년 떡국
일단 재료는 냉동만두 한봉지 떡국떡 한봉지 떡뽁이떡 한봉지 그리고 사골 3봉지
그리고 기타 재료들
올해는 돈이없어서 고기는 없음

2014 Rice Cake Soup
Firstly the ingredients are frozen dumplings,  1 packet of rice cakes, 1 packet of spicy rice cakes and 3 packets of beef bone soup
And some other ingredients
This year we’re poor so no meat


자 일단 떡은 물에 불려 둡시다

Firstly let’s soak the rice cakes in water


그리고 사골을 끓입니다.
육수를 내기엔 멸치도 없고 고기도 없고 시간도 없고해서 그냥 그 뭐냐 간단한 3분 그거 있잖아요 그거
그거 쓰기로함 헤헤

And we’re cooking the beef bone soup.
We don’t have anchovies to put in the broth, neither do we have meat, or the time so what is there to do other than this that only takes 3 minutes
Or at least that’s what is written hehe


냄비가 많이 낡았구나..
엄마.. 조만간 집에있는 좋은 냄비하나 스틸해갈게요. 미리 죄송해요.

The stew pot has gotten quite rusty..
Mom.. I’ll steal one of the good stew pots from home. I’m apologizing in advance.



물을 넣어 간이랑 양도 맞추고

Getting the cooking duration and amount right


끓는 동안 계란 풀기

While that’s cooking let’s break an egg


오오 이제 끓기 시작하면

Now let’s start cooking for real


냉동만두 한봉지 투하
만두가 30갠가 들어 있음.

Throwing in 1 packet of frozen dumplings
There’s 30 dumplings in there


그다음 물에 불려둔 떡국떡을 투하합시다.
이것도 6인분
그 옆에서는 꿀떡 만들기 시작.
올리브유을 두릅니다. 휙휙

Next is to throw in the rice cakes that are swollen from soaking in water
This too is a 6-person serving
Right beside that, we’re starting to cook the Honey Rice Cakes
We’re using olive oil. Hweek-hweek


물에 불려둔 떡볶이떡을 넣기로 합니다

Throwing in rice cakes swollen from soaking in water



사이좋은 두 형제 같다..

They look like brothers in a good relationship


땅콩도 넣고 나중에는 꿀이랑 깨도 넣어야 해요.
아 물이랑 기름이랑 섞여서 튈수 있으니 조심하세여 난 약불로 해서 안튐 훗

Adding peanuts, later we’ve to add honey and sesame seeds too.
Ah when water comes in contact with oil it might spurt so do be careful. I put it on low fire so it’s not spurting hoot


둘다 볶고 끓이고 여차저차한 사진들.
중간중간 사골이 부족하여 물도 넣고 다진 마늘도 넣고 후추도 넣고 계란도 넣어줌
타이밍은 기분 내킬 때

Both stirred in and cooked, sub standard-looking photos.
In the middle (of cooking) the beef bone soup wasn’t enough so I added more water, diced garlic, pepper and egg
The timing’s whenever you deem fit


완성했으므로 그릇에 이쁘게 옮겨 담으려고 했으나 그릇이 없어서 Fail..
아니 진짜 숙소 살다보면 왜죠
왜 그릇이 사라지고 숟가락 젓가락이 사라지는거죠 누구 들고가는 사람도 없잖아요 (남준아 널 의심하는건 아냐)
그런 의미에서 저 볼은 참으로 활용도가 높은 양푼이에요
우리 모두 그냥 대용량으로 두고 먹기로 합니다.

Having completed it would look perfect with a bowl but since there’s no bowl – Fail..
But seriously why is this happening while we’re living here in the dorms
Why does the bowls disappear, spoons and chopsticks disappear, there’s no one who’d take it and go off with them (Namjoon ah I’m not being suspicious of you)
With that in mind, I end up with large brass bowls for practical use.
We’ll just eat with that used as substitutes


비쥬얼 단독샷-☆

Visuals solo shot-☆


이제 설거지는 알아서들 척척하네요 짜식들
제법이야 톡톡

Now you kids ought to know better and do the dishes
That’s being considerate tok-tok

먹느라 정신이 없으므로 이다음은 생략합니다
맛있게 먹어준 멤버들에게 고맙고 사실 그때 까먹고 못산게 있어서 반은 형 돈으로 샀단다..
7명이니 식비로 생각보다 지출이 심하더구나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
아니 뭐 그냥 알아달라고 .. 뭐 ..
이글을 읽는다면 꼭 알았어요 형 우리 다음엔 ㅇㅇ을 만들어 먹어요
라고 해주며 재료를 사다주길 바래 하하

We ate rather senselessly so that’s omitted
Thankful to the members who ate it deliciously. Actually there are things I forgot and also couldn’t buy so I got my nice older brother to buy it for me..
Since its for 7 people the food costs are more extravagant than what I thought ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
It’s not like I just realised .. what ..
I hope you read this post and know it too hyung, next time I’ll definitely cook it for you to eat
with that said I still hope you’ll buy the ingredients haha




는 넝담 ~ㅎ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m joking ~heh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



냄비협찬 엄마
국자협찬 엄마
접시협찬 엄마
숟가락협찬 엄마
소금협찬 엄마
꿀 협찬 엄마

내가 다 털어 왔구나
엄마 미안해요. . 사랑해요. .

List of Sponsorships

Stew pot sponsored by Mom
Scoop sponsored by Mom
Plates sponsored by Mom
Spoons sponsored by Mom
Salt sponsored by Mom
Honey sponsored by Mom

I’m here to rob everything after all
Mom I’m sorry. . I love you. .

10.59 AM

I am honestly amazed that they have beef bone broth in package ready. In my country there were none, I am sure. We usually have the spices in a small cloth or instant powder of spices to make soup but not the actual soup that you can just reheat whenever. I am genuinely jealous Jin. Sobs sobs.

He was openly announcing he wanna rob his mom’s pot. Even apologizing in advance. HAHA. I am sure Jin she will just buy a new one for you Jin, if you ask properly to her. HAHA.

Suga’s First Love playing again god. Sobs sobs. He rap sounds like he almost crying. Remember when he performed Nevermind on stage, the DVD version. Oh god, tell me you cried to because he was so absorbed in that emotions, and deliver them really emotional.

What were you doing before its call real cooking Jin? AHAHA. I swear this man gonna get me into laughing seizure soon.

I can’t believe he just make two pots become brothers. OK Jin OK.

I’m really curious how the honey rice cakes gonna taste like. He actually put things that I didn’t really fond of eating: honey, peanuts and sesame seeds.

The end product looks super yummy I wanna cry. Can I try some Jin? Maybe you should link a recipe or something? It called rice cake beef broth soup?

Seokjin leeching on his brother to buy him the ingredients. HAHA. Well at least your brother gave something to you, and you even wanted to cook for him for that. My oppa actually squeeze every single penny from me and left me alone at home because I don’t have money, he doesn’t want me to follow him. Well duhh you took mine oppa!

I feel you Jin cause I too, robbed my mom’s utensils, plates, rice cooker, blender, sandwich maker and a lot more that I should not mention here. HAHA. Sorry ma, I LOVE YOU. ❤