ORIGINAL POST BY JIN: 흔한 방탄 맏형의 식단 – 식단이진

ENGLISH TRANS BY: Juliana @ bts-trans

요리 이름 : 식단이진

Dish name: 2 Parts Meal


Before we begin. The ingredients are :

  • 1 bulb of onion
  • 1 piece of paprika
  • 1 bag of chicken tits
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 2 servings of rice

and because its get boring while cooking, 1 pack of vegetable juice.


Since there isn’t much time, dice roughly and I always put in one bulb of onion in everything I cook so….


First stir fry the chicken tits with Olive Oil-nim.


Next toss in the onion that always accompanies our dishes, The one-onion recipe was passed down my hyung.


Cook the egg that is in charge of giving the fried rice its yellow color. (half cooked yolk he meant)


Add in the paprika which will be in charge of the red color in the fried rice and stir fry a little longer with the eggs.




Add a little more olive oil and stir fry for one more minute.


Serve nicely onto a plate. Ugly prohibited: it drops the appetite. (okay savage Seokjin, no room for ugliness in food)


Beat that remaining three eggs you go whoosh whoosh *magic wind noises*


*spontaneous finished shot*


Nom nom with the passerby Jhope-shi and super maknae Jungkookie.


The inside doesn’t taste like anything. (well duh you didn’t even put any salt or seasoning Seokjin-ah)



일단 식단이기에 맛은 별로….좋지는 않아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 들어가는게 없거든요…

원래 완성샷 계란위에 스테이크소스도 안 뿌려먹는데 음..뭐랄까

비쥬얼이 안 살아나니 오늘만 살짝..뿌려줬어요

한 숟갈 15kcal 밖에 안 하니 사실 많이 뿌려드셔도됨 ㅇㅇ

First, it’s a diet so the taste….isn’t great ㅠㅠㅠㅠ There’s not much that goes in it…

We usually don’t top the egg with steak sauce but mm…shall we say…it’s not very visually appealing so we drizzled just a teensy bit..just for today. One spoonful amounts to only 15 calories so really, you can pour on a lot if you prefer ㅇㅇ


뜬금없는 완성샷은.. 계란을 만드는데 실수로 올리브유를 못 부어서 애가 달라붙어서 타기 직전인것임!

그래서 못찍었어요 봐주세요 하하

The spontaneous completed shot happened because.. I made a mistake of forgetting to pour olive oil while cooking the egg, so it was on the verge of sticking to the pan and burning! So I couldn’t take that photo pardon me haha


저희어머니께서 설거지는 요리를 하면서 해야 멋있는거란다…..

해서 밥그릇 접시외에는 없어요 우앙

My mother always said dish-washing must be done while cooking…..So we have no plates besides the rice bowl *cries*


그리고 아침이라..얼굴들이 조금..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

해서 손으로 가렸어요 헤헤

수건은 언제나 부농부농 하진

And it’s morning so..our faces are a bit..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So I covered it up with my hand heh heh My towel is always pinky-pink

And so we conclude the Bangtan Diet edition.


이상으로 방탄식단편 마침

Oh, right. The cheese is laid under the egg.

12.39 AM.

He actually wrote the pictures description on the picture on earlier post. Thank god he decided not to continue that after because its painful to actually put another strings of sentences on the same pictures okay Jin. I think you understood enough to remember in the future.

He liberately calls the chicken breast as chicken tits. OMG Jin. HAHA.

Oh he often cooks with his own hyung huh? Okay that was warm to hear because I absolutely doesn’t cook so no lovey dovey interaction with my own oppa in the kitchen. Never. In fact, because I rarely cook in the house, unknowingly, he became expert in cooking. Even his plain rice taste delicious. Sobs sobs.

Why exactly he mosaic Jungkook face? HAHA. Poor Jungkookie.

Even when dieting he cannot let go the rice. Seokjin usually we cut down carbohydrate to lose weight, you kind of make abundant amount of rice anyway. So sad these babies need to diet even they actually pig appetite. They shove everything anyway.

Bare faced Bangtan are the best. Totally anticipating bloated face but we are not getting it yeah Seokjin.