ORIGINAL POST BY JIN: 흔한 연습생의 떡국만들기

ENGLISH TRANS BY: me who uses Google translator until I found a decent English trans for this or either I got better in my Korean. Crossed out sentences are sentences that doesn’t make any sense, I’m sorry I am stupid. Also look at that dish, its looked awesome. Wow~

1/1 일날 엄마 시골감  그래서 떡국을 못먹었진
그렇다고 떡국 안먹으면 엄마가 슬퍼해서  내가만들기로함
일어나자마자 항상 내 요리를 도와주는 막내 깨움
싫다는거 억지로 깨움 사진찍어야 되서 깨워야됨
나이 한살 더먹는 떡국 만들기 ㄱㄱㄱ

Felt like doing Jin’s Omma Rice Cake Soup Rural Style.
Lets make the rice cake soup that should not make my mother sad.
The youngest always come to help me cooking as soon as he gets up.
I don’t want to wake other up though.
I think I can make a rice cake soup better after a year.


First is to buy the ingredients.
Woke up 5.30 AM to buy the ingredients.
By the way, there is no rice cakes (tteokbogi) for the rice cakes soup so I use rice cakes (mochi) instead.
Now all the ingredients are here, they looks beautiful.

사과는 저기 왜있나 싶어서 그냥 먹음

Why suddenly I wanted to eat apple?


Making the sauce.




Toss in the marinated meats into a huriyi puriyi pan *sizzling sound*



Then, throw in the rice cakes and dumplings in. Don’t forget to increase the flame.


The flame to small so I had to chop them to smaller pieces.
By the way, the leopard printed sleep wear is a gift from Hobi.

근데 자막넣으니 무슨 미소녀 연애 시뮬레이션 게임 같음
인데 미소녀는 아님
어쨋든 다시 ㄱㄱ

Hold on, the captions on the pictures looks have the same style as in the love simulation games.
Pretty, but not that much.
Anyway again he he (laugh)


This was done earlier, slices them to small cut.


Suddenly the seaweed came out
This will complete garnish shot later



우리 막둥이가 맛보는거 찍음
근데 사진 일어나자 마자 찍어서 못생겨서 뽀샤시 효과 눌러줌

Appropriate Jin
Lets us have a taste now
By the way, this picture was taken by a person as soon as he woke up from bed.


Dun dun


One of the dumplings


On top of it, put handful of meat, seaweed and slices of egg.
That’s completed the dish.




먹다보니 많음
그래서 랩몬 깨워서 같이 먹음여
맛있다고 칭찬해줌 행복해요

Look appetizing
Went to wake Rapmon to eat together
They complimented that it was delicious, I am happy.




는 잠시
설거지 어떡해요
어떡하긴 뭘 어떡함 막내 시켜야지
근데 도중에 미안해서 중간에 바톤 터치함..

For a moment,
Lot of dishes to wash
What about asking the maknae, I should not, he have to study.
But sorry someone next has to take the baton


근데 배보다 배꼽이 더큰듯 재료비 3만원 넘게 들어감 소금이랑 파 랑 계란 다삼
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ엄마 용돈좀요..
그리고 사랑해요 엄마  설날마다 떡국 끓여 줘서요
라고 훈훈하게 끝냄

This times, the ingredient cost was over the budget by ₩ 30,000 for the pork belly, seaweed and eggs.
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ mother please give me more pocket money..
I love you mother, thank you for making the rice cakes soup every New Year.
That was a warm ending.


1.11 PM

He wrote hangul on the picture OMG. This is harder to translate, I don’t even know how to switch my keyboard to another alphabets other than ABC. Wait lemme google that first. Haaa.

Okay with the help of technology, its actually easier to snap pictures and real time translation although the translation was off by very wide margin. All in all its finished. HAHA. Don’t know what happened but guess Jin make rice cakes for members using his own money. Jin was so kind, he doesn’t only spent own money on the dish, he also cooks it not like a cheapskate. He actually put pork meat though. This is what a family feels with the members. His parent brought him up right, being beautiful inside and outside.