ENGLISH TRANS BY Google Translate. I’m going to translate this very blindly because I am no expert in Korean. Crossed out sentences are the one that not making sense. HAHA. Please inform me if there are any mistakes.



Chiiiingkingkiikikikikikikiingkikingkiikingkikikkingkiikkikingkikingki (sound of the meat sizzling apparently)



???????????? Meat ?????????



???????????? pork belly ?????????????????????????????????



ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ it’s meat *gasp*.


삽겹살님을 왜 고추장에만 찍어먹는지 아십니까???
내가 귀찮아서 아무것도 안 사왔기 때문이지 하하하하하하하하하하하하

Do you know why the sapgyeopsal’s dip in hot pepper paste only???
I don’t really mind hahahahahahaha


님들 세팅여~~

Setting done ~~


4인분은 될줄 알았던 구워보니 1인분

It’s looked a little burned, 4 servings looks like 1 serving.


다른 각도의 1인분 퓨퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Single dish from different angle pyu pyu ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


먹다보니 부족하잖아요
그럴땐 라면!
일본어로는 라멘
중국어로는 라미엔
영어로 ramen
근데 저건 일본 라멘
잘먹겠습니다 아멘

Its turned out that it was not enough
Call for ramyeon!
In Japanese it is called ramen.
In Chinese it is called lamiyeon
English ramen*
But was that the Japanese ramen?
Well, I like Amen**

(*T/N: Instant noodle in English)
(**T/N: amen? as in prayers?)


천사같은 매니저형님의 손길
고기 3인분 추가 ♥
형 말했었나요?
저희가 형을 사랑한다거

Like a touch from an angel, manager hyung-nim
Adding 3 more servings of meat ❤
Hyung, did you know?
We love you hyung*.

(*P/S: awww, you can fish the love from Jin using food, especially meat)


역시 사람은 고기를 먹어야합니다
다들 오늘 저녁은 고기 먹읍시다
인생은 고기지
사실 먹느라 사진을 잘 못 찍어서 빨리 사라지겠음

No doubt, people should eat meat.
Everyone go eat meat this evening.
Life is about meat.
Actually I was busy eating, the food soon gone before I can take any pictures.

요리: 진
사진: —
고기 협찬: 매니저형님
시식: 방탄, 매니저형

Dish: JIN
Photo: —
Meat Sponsored by: Manager Hyung-nim
Tasting: Bangtan, Manager Hyung

7.10 AM.

Today’s Eat Jin post doesn’t have a single picture of him. Wow that is new. Maybe they were not suppose to expose their face yet? But it’s already 2014, they have been performing on stage for a year already. HAHA. Not that I am complaining no face here, but yeah I wanna complaint.

Wow, he actually put space between the picture and picture descriptions. Not to mention that he even put the paragraph as centered paragraph. OK I am deeply touched by your courtesy in providing ease to my eyes. You actually became lazy huh afterward to even put space in between. HAHA.

Awww, manager hyung sponsored more meat for the boys. This is heartwarming to know.