Yes, posting him as the picture header rather than the food picture cause gosh. How can you pick food picture over this man?
Thought above picture was sensational enough huh. Don’t die yet.


ENGLISH TRANSLATED BY Denise @ bts-trans

자 내가 예전부터 만들어보고싶던 까르보나라
군말없이 시작하게씀

Now carbonara that I’ve been wanting to make since long before.
No need for unnecessary talk let’s start.


재료는 까르보나라의 필수인 면 휘핑크림 우유
들어가는줄도 몰랐던 양파 마늘
심심하면 넣어주라는 버섯 계란!
나중에 별로 안심심해서 계란은 뺌

Ingredients, the must -have items for carbonara – noodles, whipping cream, milk.
And onions, garlic that went in without me knowing.
If you’re bored throw in mushrooms and eggs!
I wasn’t too bored so I left the eggs out.


생크림 파냐니까 유통기한이 짧아서 안판대여..휴
저거 오분만 저으면 생크림이 된다고 추천해주셨습니다

I wanted to buy fresh cream but they didn’t have enough (stocks) so I didn’t buy them..hue.
They recommended that if I just do this for 5 minutes it’ll become fresh cream.


힘들어서 정국이 줌

It was tough so I got Jungkookie to help.


자 다음순서로 면을 익혀줍니다
면은 얼마나 익혀야되는지 레시피마다 다 달라서 적당히 익히기로해씀

Now next up is to cook the noodles.
How cooked the noodles have to be.. Looking at the recipe it says to cook until its all soft.


일단 면의 양은 많이..!

Firstly the amount of noodles is heaps..!


사람은 시간에 정확할줄 알아야지 그러므로 스톱워치

A person should be clear of time so there’s my stopwatch.


마늘향은 솔솔 양파늘 투명투명해질때까지 볶아줌여

The garlic’s fragrance sol~sol~ onions getting clearer clearer so let’s mix it.


요리하는 자의 모습은 아름답다 아니…잘생겨따!!!!!!!

Me who’s cooking doesn’t look beautiful……looks handsome!!!!!!!


그러므로 베이컨추가

And now adding bacon.


와중에 면이 다익었넹
카메라가 수증기를 이기지못한샷

Amongst that the noodles got cooked
Camera who couldn’t win the steam



Winning shot


정국이가 생크림을 완성했으므로 우유와 생크림의 1대1비율 부글부글ㄱㄱ

Jungkookie done with the fresh cream so it’s boiling in a ratio of 1:1 with the milk boil boilㄱㄱ


난 잘생겼으니 후추를 뿌려주겠다

Because I’m handsome let’s spray pepper
pepper pepper


블로그를 위한 다이어트…
사진이 잘나와야해..

Diet for blogging…
I’ve to look good in the pictures..


면은 퐁당

Noodles splash


그보다..위에 세장이 똑같이생겼어.. 각도까지 똑같아..

More importantly..I look exactly the same in the above 3 pictures.. Even the angle’s exactly the same..


면에 양념이 요롷게 조롷게 ㅇㅋ?

Noodles and marination like this like ok?



turn here turn there


캬 완성이 되어간다…

kya it’s almost done…


설정샷이라고 암?
이게 바로 설정샷이라고요ㅋ

A shot that looks set up?
This is none other than a set up shot ke





파..파스타에서 빛이 나…!!!!!!!!!

Me.. who’s shining from the pa…pasta!!!!!!!!!


이게 바로 신의 음식인가..
파스타에서 빛이난다니..
내 얼굴보다 더 빛이난다니!!!!!!!!!!!


Is this the food that the gods eat..
A light’s shining from the pasta..
Shining even more than my face!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude who took the picture come out


어쨌든 빛나는 비쥬얼
파스타계의 얼짱납심

난 학교를 다녀와서 잘생겼지만 다른 친구들은 방금 일어나서 못생겼으므로
출연ㄴㄴ함 그러니 불만ㄴㄴ

정말 너무 맛있으므로 이름을 진님을찬양하나라로 지었다
진짜 농담이 아니라 애들이 맛이 역대급이라 합니다 후후후
애들이 극찬한 바로 그 맛
떡국만큼 센세이션을 일으킨 바로 그 맛
먹고싶으면 청혼하셈

Anyway, its shining visual
Ullzang male god of the pasta galaxy

I went to school and came back, I looked good but my friends who just got up looked bad
Appearance nono If I did they’d be angry nono

Really because it was so delicious, I named it Praise Jin-nim
Seriously not a joke even the kids said that the taste was of exclusive grade hoohoohoo
The very taste that got high praises from the kids
The very taste that is as big a sensation as Ddeok (Rice Cake) Soup
If you want to eat it just propose it

요리 제목: 찬양하라 진님을
사진: 지민 진
시식: 진 지민 정국 제이홉

Name of Dish: Praise Jin-nim
Chef: Jin
Photos by: Jimin Jin
Taste testers: Jin Jimin Jungkook J-Hope


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Ahhh I’m suppose to be updating about the #피탐눈물1stwin yeahhhhh. I’m so happy eventhough I didn’t do much as I well uh post accident and getting all this dizzy sensation. But wow they did won and the giddiness as ecstasy as how we ARMY felt. I love everyone.

But all in all I’m updating bout EATJIN blog first. Haha.

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I don’t know what is happening but Jin you little cheapskate, put some space between the picture. The hangul was small enough on your blog and you don’t even bother if people can see the description you know. Just so you know, I was there not to just see your face but wanted to read the dad jokes and that narcissist jokes as well. Well duh, you are the all rounder dad level joke except that face. You basically a baby with that face. Okay I did this in a rush waiting for today’s MCountDown broadcast at 5 PM my time. Well I will come back to spend some time on your pictures so please spare me. Bubbye bub.

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Yeah #BloosSweatTears2ndWin. I am gonna talk bout that in other post, but yeah this is the 2nd. Lets cross hand together for triple crowns.

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Wow I didn’t expect him to mention that he looked into recipe books before cooking. It’s just that I thought he is a genius chef that have lots of experience at home with his mother or something. Haha.

A person should be clear of time so there’s my stopwatch – Kim Seokjin, 2014.

Ahaha, okay that is unnecessary. But whatever Seokjin for you to sleep well on nights. I was expecting a tomato timer but this is beyond me, I seriously did not expect that Jin. Hahaha. Does making spaghetti need all this? Really? Ok anything you wish peach princess.

Sorry did you just say that cooking make me handsome, not beautiful. Fufu so you know that you looked beautiful, no one in right mind going to compliment you are nit beautiful Seokjin-ah, just accept the reality already. Which in other word, I failed as a woman to be beautiful cause you Seokjin, you not just beautiful, you are stunning. Let me go to a corner and cry.

Tell me again the connection between the pepper crusher and handsomeness because I saw it somewhere that you did something similar too this. Oh the after post, the steak episode.

Yes Seokjin we know that you still self conscious bout your good look eve in a steamy kitchen. Do you need a tissue for that sweats Jin? I just realized that you were wearing knitted shirt, is it winter at that time? My country is all year warm and humid, we basically never wore knitted shirt in kitchen, we might caught heat stroke with that. Haha.

Wow I’m impressed Seokjin, impressed from the bottom of my heart. Like wow, the noodles was almost overflowing in the flat pan and wow you still manage to stir it without dropping a single drop of sauce. Or I don’t know, the sauce drip but photographer or you able to hide that. I am amazed by your ability though. Really.

Jin, you being dramatic with the light. Leave the light alone Jin. It was innocent. Don’t bully your younger brother iether. Haha. Don’t come out guys.

Ullzang male god of the pasta galaxy

Ahahaha, what the hell is that. I know that it shine more than your shocked expressions but please Jin. You being dramatic is what I lives for but right now, I developed headache because I was laughing to hard. Ahaha.

I don’t know what kind of sorcery that you used. How in the world that you went looking fresh and came back the same? Just how? I am going to start a petition Jin. #petitionforBTSmembertorevealtheirskinroutine. AHAHA.

Oh god, you need to share the recipes though. I still want to know if you pour sesame oil too much or too salty. The boys words, not mine. Haha.

Well all in all, you skill still above me because I really hate to cooks. I just loves to eat. Congratulations Jin, you didn’t burn anything and it turned out delicious enough to be call PRAISE JIN-NIM. OK Jin OK, which ever you like princess.