Main Characters: JungHope. [Credit: Big Hit Ent. Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa pt 2 Official Teaser]
Main Characters: JungHope. [Credit: Big Hit Ent. Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa pt 2 Official Teaser]
  • LINK:
  • TITLE: Lost and Found.
  • AUTHOR: xxdevelishxx (AO3)
  • ACTORS: Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon.
  • TYPE: Series, Ongoing, (13/?)
  • TAG: too much fluffy, slow build, emotions constipation, cheesy hoseok (imagine him being all giddy and cheesy with his two cute dimples, seriously too cute for this harsh world), arranged marriage AU.
    • Somewhere Beyond The Sea – Micheal Buble.
    • Lost – BTS.
    • Friday – IU and Jang Yijeong (HISTORY).

Sometimes people fall in love after they get married (aka spending your life tied to a stranger is hard, but Jungkook and Hoseok decide to give it a try and stumble across love along the way).

[CREDIT] Only son of Jung, Jung Hoseok. First meeting with Jungkook.
[CREDIT twitter: @Snow Peach 141126] Jeon Jungkook, second son of Jeon. First meeting with Hoseok.
[CREDIT: twitter @ EIGHTEEN_JK] Jungkook in casual clothes.
[CREDIT] Hoseok in casual clothes on a date.
[CREDIT: twitter @bts_bighit, 2nd MUSTER Official Poster] BFF JiKook.
[CREDIT: twitter @BTS_twt 151218] BFF 2Seok.
[CREDIT: Caffeine Suga Fanbase, 150510] This picture is so perfect for the fanfic I’m crying. BFF and YoonMin.
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Personal Opinion (contain SPOILER):

Wow, I cried a little but mostly through the chapters I was smiling like an idiot. You know the part where everyone who falling in loves grinning like an idiot at their phones, the picture, various places or items that reminded them of their significant others? Yeap like that. I bet nobody, nobody gone through this fan fiction without grinning like an idiot unless they are Min Yoongi. Wow, then you can go and hug Yoongi and go make a club called Emotions Must Not Be Portray on Face All The Times Club. Well that is a different story cause this Wings comeback with Black Suga is totally hype on sugar. Like he shouting everywhere, Jungkook what did you gave to your hyung?

Okay back to this story. you know what else to expect, yeas, apart from that cheesy Hoseok, please stop it Hoseok oh my god this is so cringy. I have to advice you to read this in a dark bedroom of yours where you can like grin until your mouth rip apart. Hush, let me continue. Its okay Hoseok, continue your dramas. I’ve been waiting for that. Now shush , go to your angel. Okay really continuing, Jungkook have this insecurities that he felt that he doesn’t belong with his family, his foster family. All wealth but no happiness. Blaming everything to his mom, really Jungkook, ahh what a pleasant surprise to see that you blaming other rather than discuss with them. Look at me in the eyes and say you don’t want this, you are going to hurt yourself more. Well there you go, I’m talking to a character. Please excuse myself cause I tend to have this wild imaginations for unnecessary things.

Not until you hear Jiminie and Yoongi stories. I can guarentee you will bawl your eyes out you going to have bloated face and a designer eyebags tomorrow. Yes it is and without meaning too, you just gave more respect to Yoongi in this fic as well as the real Yoongi. Like how Yoongi bring himself opened up with us ARMY, that just how he is. He learned that this world is harsh and he prepared himself for it. In this fic, YoonMin are seriously the most romantic couple you can imagine but bound to endless sadness. Really, even if they are only fictional characters, I was really hoping for a better ending for their 11 years of loves is in the air.

God why did I start reading this. FYI, I’ve reread this almost the 3rd time in 2 months. That how mesmerizing the author wrote it.

Okay one things that I look up for this author that s/he incorporated good psychological exercise  between couple. I’m gonna bullet them below because they are really beautiful, really:

  1. Good communications and discussion. 

I really really love how author put this one out. I put it first because its the most important things but many people failed to do this. One thing that usually hinder this is EGO. This new age where Selfie Syndrome is recognized, yeap that is an official name of a disease. Its a collections of symptoms that lead to NARCISSIST personalities and believe me when I say that psychological symptoms can end up as physical diseases later on if untreated.

In this story, a first example I will use Jungkook and his foster mother. His mother actually rather warm but awkward to him, on the same time Jungkook just close his heart to his mom, respected her properly but not loving her. Jungkook had been blaming his mother for bringing into her house from foster just to humiliate him in front of their bigger family and just to torture him by doing what against tradition in the family. Jungkook was schooling at different school to his cousins and his older brother, not listed for inheriting the company even though he finished his education with highest honour. Little did Jungkook knows that his mother safe him foster just out of love. One look to him and she had been fighting all her life with her in laws to bring Jungkook in. Unfortunately, their in laws still loitering around garbashing everyone and yeah she decided to marry off Jungkook. Take another name and flee away, never turning back. Well he got a major war with his mother one night and he just pour out everything at his mother and his mother just open the pandora box. Well that my friend is the reason as to why we need to talk or discuss. Yes body language is important and well just read them anyway, it couldn’t be wrong. However to more complex and important decisions, proper discussion is really really really important. Like major essential things to do before taking any risk. Yes some may say that they afraid of what comes next after the talk, is it good, it is bad, is everything gonna be worst than before. Wow let me tell you this, I am not your brain, I would not know whatever you want to say to me unless you verbalize them to me, in honesty. It will be a long story if honesty decided to quit the game.

Second example would be Hoseok. This one my lady is a pure love produced by lovely family. He is a character that ask, listen and reconfirm back. That good, that is very good. two ways communication are the best way to communicate. He ask Jungkook for an opinion, about their marriage. While Jungkook was blaming his mother for not giving hi a chance to choose or a choice in doing that, Hoseok asked properly again. What if you have a choice, would you accept me as you significant other forever? (okay cheesy Hobi is so strong here on first meeting). Only then Jungkook made a decision that he would try rather then batting around the bush. He do read body language where Jungkook would be beet red and saying thing opposite to what he feels, that when Hoseok read body language but, BUT still making it sure by asking ” this you wanted that to happens?”. Yeah of course Jungkook will wail some incoherent out of embarrassment but he will answer anyway knowing that the other willing to hear what he gonna say. By 10-ish chapter, you will see the development of Jungkook character, he vocalize his thought more. Making things easier for both party. Better plans can be made.

Hoseok and his favorite hyung are the friendship goals. Well in one way actually I’ve reached bout 70% of that with my 3 other BFF. Back to the story, I can tell that Hoseok learn from Jin. Jin is character which self compost, moves with plans, independent and proud of himself in a proper ways. He know what to tell and what not to tell. Which I love author-nim the most. I love how author-nim, that is exactly how I imagine real Jin are. Soft and playful on most day, but a really stern, mature and understanding hyung on serious days. How just glaring make maknae line back down from being mischievous on Vapp. I love you author-nim. *I just confess my love for the author twice in the same paragraph. I’m totally whipped**blushes*

Jimin was the best character here, as himself and as best buddy to Jungkook. I love when, let me quote (rephrase cause I don’t remember exactly his words) this ” Moving in with someone else is a tough journey, its take some time to adjust to them, even though you already knew them for a long time. Take some time adjusting and it will be okay”. Seriously can I cry some more. I love Jiminie, both world because they are the most kindest people I ever seen (double stress on it). Thus make us look into how YoonMin lives together, they tell each other schedule, when will they go to work, when will they comeback. Even if they sometime forget to inform, when prompted or asked by another party, they immediately tell the truth, the whole story and apologize if need to. There happy ending, building trust is somehow easy if you are willing too. Don’t doubt them. I quote y lecturer, “If in doubt, ask “. Their put their schedule on the fridge god, how domestic is that. No secrets, no regrets.

2. Nicknames. 

I was grinning like an idiot and I want to punch a wall as this is too much fluffiness in the air, I can die from it. First to do to make the relationship intimate is to give a nickname. The sense of familiarity is awesome, like you belong/ beloved by someone. It can be between sibling, parent, lover, children, friend, strangers and etc. Love is a universal relationship, use them to your heart content.

Yoongi called Jimin Dolcezza. OMG I suddenly cannot breath. It so cheezy balls I am drowning in them. Dolcezza means sweaty or sweetness in Italian, its for food but whatever. Imagine in public, Yoongi grinning his gummy smile calling Jimin Dolcezza and Jimin with his mochi face and crescent eyes smiling at him at that nickname. Oh my goodness my heart, help please. I’m gonna die from this romantic cuteness overload.

Of course Hoseok the fast learner called his beloved as ANGEL. Excuse me Hoseok you dared to called Jungkook angel in front of his parent, all right excuse me Hoseok for I need to go cry at a corner for seeing you became a mature man where he was more than happy to show that he loves his significant other. I’m so emotional right now. *wiping fake tears*

3. Gives and takes.

I’m getting double vision on 3 psychology points. Whatever I just continue cause I’m a trash for ranting.

This keeps the excitement lingers around. Do tell me that you must felt happiness if somebody suddenly gave you something you bucket listed it so long already. Its simple joy but that what make dull lives colorful. Gives doesn’t really translated into gifts only, they can be simple gesture, secret, what happened today, gives emotion (love and cuddles),  a cup of chocolate drinks, a thought, a miss call, simple good morning kiss. Its can be literally anything. ANYTHING. One cannot not have anything to give, its impossible. Every single human in this universe have something to give.

As important it is to give, it also important to takes. Trust me, knowing that the one I loves is the only one sacrificing, without me giving anything, well I would feel like a parasite. It would never be a good feeling seeing them all dirty, cuts and bruises while you are healthy and wealthy. That just plain odd.

As in example, fluffy one, Jungkook wanted to play fair with kisses. It just didn’t sit with him the idea of him being pampered with love but he didn’t do the same to Hoseok. Well that just ridiculous but oddly satisfying for both party. Oh god, my partner where are you? Just show yourself already. Give some smoke signal or something, I will rescue you from the war and warm you everyday. Well I’m sorry for my cheesiness.

I will use JungKook again just because. Dont’t fight me in this. Haha. They tell a story bout themselves alternately. Aww. Exchange secret that no one knew. Aww. Lastly the gives, I died at that. Literally dies repeatedly.

I can never forget how Jungkook mom went and buy present for Jung family after Hoseok gave presents to Jeons, saying that this is for good relationship, to make them happy and felt appreciated. Awww how cute is Jungkook mom is huh.

4. Social Support. 

Wow, 2k words huh and I am not even doing a fanfiction or something. I don’t have original idea to make that so I’m just gonna elaborate on masterpieces. Haha. Author-nim did you see this? Please notice me, hehe.

Back to topic. Social supports are one of most essentials items and always mentions as major factors that build good characters and help in recovery of mental illness. Just so you know, social support does includes family support, friend, co worker, classmate, neighbour, community and etc. People surrounding you basically. The most important one are the one that always beside you which basically your family.

In the fanfic, Jungkook mother and father dynamic was beautiful, Jungkook and his older brother is beautiful, the Jung as a whole family is beautiful. As in term of not blood related is JiKook and 2Seok relationship.

Minchan supported Jungkook wholeheartedly, of course its because he is his beloved younger brother, but to the point that he was able to rationalize Jungkook back to reality. When Jungkook and his mother was at war, Minchan quickly separate them two and then ask Jungkook to explain what happened. He was able to make ever vengeance Jungkook to think properly and face their mother regarding the problems, as soon as possible, the next morning, with a stern attitude too. Well that mate, is a proper social support. They don’t just let you flaws just to not see you hurt, they helps you see what wrong, help you through the problems and be there for any consequences. Its an ideal world to have that, but we make thru what we have.

AGUST D was having breakdown in his live, his family identify he has problems then go to doctor for interventions. Slowly but surely he recover from that sadness. TBH nobody can have no sadness in their life, but how they deals with it is important. To be honest too, the world is harsh enough for some sadness to never go away, they stay rooted in us. But AGUST D said, “this sadness is part of me now, they make me for who I am now. This sadness is one of my story, my name engraved to it” (I rephrased that but that the jist of it).

THAT IS IT. I am starting to have a headache by the end of this. Haha. Wow 2.6k, I have no energy left for editing. All mistakes are mine. Cite me if you wanna use this, I am more than happy to share too. Hehe.

FOOTNOTE: wow, did I wrote this? wow how attached am I to this story. Congratulations child, you just became a motivator/ writer/ editor. I love to rant, I love to destroy myself every night for this kind of things. At this point I don’t know if this is stress reliever or the cause of it. Haha. Duh.

FOOTNOTES 2: Please excuse the OTPs name. I know you are just as ARMY trash as me if you are reading this. Haha. Not gonna explain whose who.

FOOTNOTES 3: my OCD wouldn’t let me sleep until I searched for suitable prompt pictures. Wow brain wow, you already half roasted and you still greedy for more?

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UPDATED: Updating about Namjoon character in suits. Googled his pictures and trying hard not to cry. He is so handsome and wow beautiful on the same time. How can he be sassy, majestic and lovely on the same time? He always have this leader aura in whatever he do, naturally makes people trust him to follow. He is actually the leader to both Bangtan and us ARMY, duh obviously. How the fansite not die when they took their picture and sorting out before uploading? Like I will die, I am experiencing near death situation doing this. Huuu.

OFF TOPIC: Why is my upstairs neighbor running around the house like 11.00 in the evening every night? Like why? I have searched the internet and guess what came out first page googled: GHOST. Yeap, bye world. I’m scared.