Wow, hi, I have decided to just scrap everything off from this blog of before and start anew. Haha. Come and scream at me, I just don’t care anymore. Well life is mystery anyway.

Last night was a very historical day for us ARMY and Bangtan Boys. Well heck, they totally all kills music chart in Korea for every single track on album, still number one on iTunes for 26 different country (mine included), official MV reached 2 millions views under than 10 hours after released (that should be the reason as to why YouTube decided to froze for solid 4 hours) and wow today they holding Wings Showcase wearing their new jacket and all pray god for being pretty under those attires. I will definitely put them below. Enjoys your life while you still can. Oh my goodness I am forever glad I am alive to witness this and found them.

What funny was last night we suppose to have a party Vlive streaming each other at exactly 10.40 PM. The V apps nonetheless crashed with amount of people flooding it. Well duh, BTS have 3 millions subscriber, you have to expect that kind of situation. So management decide to why not we start 20 minutes before 11.00 PM KST for ARMY to properly seated before we start our preview. Big Hit, you underestimating us don’t you. So we waited about half an hour in fully anxious mode and all, well shit cause this is more nerve wrecking than the Burning Man for Young Forever.

Update: Still cannot pass over the facts that Blood Sweat and Tear is so lit, its literally set people into hallucinations. Me? Almost got into them. Thank god I didn’t.

I will make a masterlist page for this era event. UPDATES: One page will be dedicated for events or promotions related, the other are news of achievement whether its written news or video or anything WINGS actually broke more than 10 records already and its a happy memories for us so lets do this ARMY. This is done so that its easier to navigate.

This era waltzing into history. Both ARMY and Bangtan trying their hardest to #BTSMeetsDaesang.

Credits to Big Hit Entertainment. [LINK]