I might die searching for image for each member. Well either way, ARMY repeatedly die and resurrect huh. [CREDIT: BTS Official Poster Dark and Wild Albums, China Ver.]
  • LINK: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6772516
  • TITLE: Like Mountains.
  • AUTHOR: Dalankar (AO3)
  • ACTORS: Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin.
  • TYPE: One shot.
  • TAGS: Mafia alternate universe (AU), emotional, violent, weapon.
    • Begin – Jungkook (BTS)
    • Home – Ailee ft Yoonmirae.

He’d risen up, gripped the band of petty criminals in his hands and run until now. He’d given it everything. He’d given up his conscience for this.

Black and White Group because wow look at that. Mafia AU with B&W theme are superb eyegasm. [CREDIT: BTS Official Facebook, BTS Fiesta]
Well, whatever I can’t choose between these 2 pictures, since Jin is the protagonist here I am putting this as well. [CREDIT:Red Bullet Official Poster, 140916]
Namjoon badass picture literally everywhere. I love this man. The fact that this picture is from a magazine make it even more majestic. [CREDIT: IZE Korea Magazine Vol.12 ]
Yoongi face is straight up mafia 2nd in command leader. I felt so tiny if he doesn’t smile at fans. Like can slash your neck using only his index finger. [CREDIT: Agust D Official MV, 160815]
Can you imagine Jeon Jungkook snapping open a person throat? Yes, he did that. [CREDIT: Topstarnews, 151218]
I meant wow how that swuishy sunshine can look deadly and badass. Did I mention this fella holds a machine gun? [CREDIT: Red Bullet Official poster, 140916]
Of course the concept are the same, here is your twin Taehyung. Yes yes, go ahead and hug him. Ha ha ha. [CREDIT: Dark & Wild Concept Photo Album, 140807]
Okay I tried to look for calm bad Jiminie but there is no proper credit so enjoy some not so calm bad Jiminie ha ha ha [CREDIT: Dark & Wild Official Photo Concept, 140807 ]


(*p/s: contain SPOILER)

Like I said, you can never disappoint with Dalankar. Never. S/he done so well on bringing the right emotion at the right time, place and person. Seriously talented.

Wow, who would have thought Jin became mafia boss? He still retains that soft warm smile but wow he leads criminals. Not a very fond toward the idea of selling drugs and everything but mafia AU are one of the best AU, I love them entirely. Dalankar’s short sentences always bring out the mood. Its almost as if I stooped breathing for a second because I was too chocked up on emotions. I tried not to cry, which thankfully I didn’t where else I will wake up tomorrow with puffy eyes.

One thing I need to emphasize here, its 100% sucks to see that our loves one sacrifice so much for us and keep saying “Its okay, this is okay, you don’t have to worry a thing, I took care of it, I just wish for you just be always happy”. Its will never be a happy ending for the one being kept safe, no never. I can always scream each and every time I see you, I will never feel happy when I saw you hurting. I will never be happy. You think its happiness when I am all alone? “Its hurt like dying to see you are hurt than I am hurt myself” – Begin by Jungkook. That feelings is mutual GDI Jin in this story. No matter how strong you are, how older you are than the of them, no matter what weight that responsibility that you trying to hold, the other are always there for you. They will die if only living to see you die Jin. GDI I’m became emotional again will all these 3 years of theories that Jin die and other 6 members are dying to overcome the sadness. You think this is funny Big Hit? I hate you with all my heart can contain.

Anyway as I was saying, this piece of diamond and this baby needs recognition because wow, its deep and its family. Family theme never fails to stir my emotion wild. 😥

FOOTNOTE: Just finished publishing a draft for fanfic review. I’ve been doing that for 4 whole hours and was having headache. Well well after spending bout an hour looking for a perfect picture, the headache gone poof. Wow those brat are my placebo I gotta say at least. Wow, like can I bite you? No okay that scares you okay I won’t do it again, sorry. Haha.

FOOTNOTE 2: song recommendation always BTS? Duhh, I am a BTS trash, I can’t move on from them on most songs. Its like BTS became a genre themselves. I am doomed but I am happy, odd huh. Plus the best album to date just drop, remember BTS wings? Yeah, that the one. I recommend you to listen all 15 tracks of that album. Yeah you heard me right, all 15 of them.

FOOTNOTE 3: Why is that serious emotional constipate stories like this very seldom have Tae as main characters? Why? Is he not serious enough to an establish protagonist. Well in a story like this antagonist.

FOOTNOTE 4: My headache coming back. So no proofread so all mistakes are mine. Credits to respective owner. Tell me please if I miss crediting all those involved their hardworks. PEOPLE!! PLS properly credit your picture cause I’ve been to hell and came back to find the original source for heaven sake. I would rather use original pictures than be sued. I’m sticking to color. Sad.

FOOTNOTE 5: again heavily affected by how hobi staring thru the screen and trying to pour his ray of sunshine at my face. No hobi, its 6 in the morning its too early for sun to come out. Go back to sleep please. Oh my god, I found Red Bullet 2014 official poster and its dead ass mafia head to toe, I wanna cry godd, it looks so good. So so good. Jin looks so good I’m literally crying bucket right now. I’m gonna go and change Jin’s. Nope I’m putting both. God I am just trash to Prince Kim Seokjin.

UPDATE: wow two whole hours. You must be a one valuable trash sheep. That just a level higher than dirt. I don’t know whether to pity or laugh at myself now.