It was not suppose to be this bright colors but its alright. Its YoonJin. [Credit: ISAC 2016/ BTS Official Facebook]
  • LINK: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7454634
  • Title: House Without Wall.
  • Author: Dalankar*.
    (*p/s: author-nim is one heck of a writer, I look close for Dalankar’s update, almost everyday. Sorry I’m addicted to reading, honestly. *profuse sweating, unsteady eyes*)
  • TAGS: amnesia, long lost love.
  • TYPE: One shot.
  • CHARACTERS: Kim Seokjin/ Min Yoongi.
    • Begin by Jungkook (BTS)
    • Lost by BTS.

Once there was a house by the sea. It had no walls. Yoongi does not believe in fairy tales.

That lonely shabby house by the sea. The elders says it haunted, Yoongi doesn’t really care. [picture credit]
A boy who doesn’t care, constantly in his on world. Confuse as to why he even had sea phobia, even a glance of it makes him sweat profusely. [credit]
Innocent eyes and warm smile it resemble the sunset but why does he looks like drowning in a sea of loneliness when he’s not looking? [credit]


Believe me when I say that Dalankar is one hell of a butler, uh, writer. Dalankar delivers story in this gloomy yet a feeling of yearning. She/he portrays that too vividly you almost hear the waves and fell the sands under your feet. Its awesome. I did shed a tear reading this, too emotional yet its calming somehow. Give it a try.

Footnote: wow, I didn’t even know I am capable of talking/ write/ or even think like that picture caption. Its cringy oh my god.